Request an Actuarial Certificate

You can request a certificate using the web calculator or the Excel spreadsheet below. Both methods provide you with preliminary estimates of the exempt proportion immediately, which we will then certify in an actuarial certificate.

Web calculator Download – XLS

After completing the spreadsheet, return it to us with a copy of:

  • the fund’s operating statement
  • the fund’s balance sheet
  • member statements.
  • general ledger

Alternatively, you can email us with copies of the above documents and we will manually process your request.

BGL Simple Fund 360

Cumpston Sarjeant is now able to provide actuarial certificates through BGL Simple Fund (both 360 and Desktop). This simplifies the process of requesting a certificate by automatically extracting the required data from the Simple Fund system and submitting directly to our web calculator.

More details on these procedures can be found via the Simple Fund 360 and the Simple Fund Desktop user guides.


Section 295.390 certificates

  • Web calculator submissions (including BGL Simple Fund 360) – $120 + GST
  • Spreadsheet and offline submissions (including BGL Simple Fund Desktop) – $160 + GST

Regulation 9.31 Solvency valuations (includes Section 295.390 certificate) – $500 + GST


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